Our deepest and sincere gratitude to the donors of the 2012 Annual Appeal
Donors as of 4/16/12

Bishop Rozanski Society ($1000+)

Margaret (McKenzie), Class of 1971 and Jerry Hodge
Rita and Michael Kurek
Most Reverend Mitchell Rozanski, Class of 1976
Monsignor Robert Hartnett
Kathleen Sipes

Monsignor Luca Society ($500-$999)

Edward and Pat (Carter) Copes, Class of 1964
Don DiBlasi
Joe and Cheryl Kinnear
Jo Ann (Weitzel) Lingner, Class of 1971
David Hall

Franciscan Guild ($200-$499)

Linda Dietsch
Mary Eisel
Richard Fabrizio, Class of 1964
John F. Fischer
Connie Flagg
Ray Hughes
Charles and Susan Knott
Charles and Kathryn LaHatte
Melissa Lawrence
Bernard Meagher, Class of 1964
Donald Miller
Sr. Michele O'Brien
Calvin and Beverly (Reynolds) Perkey, Class of 1966
Barb Petr
John and Donna Rasmussen
  In Honor of Amy Class of 2006 and Kathleen Class of 2004
John and Debra Sigai
Jeff Simmons, Class of 1977
Rev. Michael Triplett
Robert and Cheryl Willbanks

Principals' Club ($100-$199)

Christopher Ashby
Kenneth and Helen Biscoe
Barbara Blake and Steve Verch
Thomas, Class of 1964 and Patricia Bonner
Toni Borkowicz
Richard and Maryanne Campbell
David and Teresa Concordia
  In honor of Mark Concordia Class of 2009 and Lauren Concordia Class of 2006
Rita Denbow
Joanne (Baker) Dieter, Class of 1965
John Dolan & Carole Dolan, Class of 1964
William and Edith Etzel
Carol and William Falkenhan
Regina (Krawczyk) Frampton, Class of 1965
Helaine and Harry Freyer
Dolores Gallagher
Sandra Goslin
Larry & Carol Kinard
George Matysek, Jr., Class of 1990
Charlene Michaloski
Anthony and Susan Moken
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Naunton
Patricia Nowowieski, Class of 1974
Thomas Phillips, Class of 1965
Christopher Popp, Class of 2003
Mary Lou Poteat, ES Class of 1954
Ernest and Betty Rehmeyer
RJ Steck Construction Inc
Monsignor Kevin Schenning
Diana (Woronka) Sobotka, Class of 1965
Edward and Dorothy Sonberg
Lucy and Dieter Steck
Kathleen (Eitel) Wiley, Class of 1972
George and Michaela Yossif

Blue & Gold Club ($50-$99)

Doug and Christina Able
Advance Business Systems
Anonymous gift In Honor of Mary Suzanne Carneal, Class of 1965
Scott and Stacy (Heid) Baier, ES Class of 1986
Nicholas, Class of 1995 and Sandra (Rawlings), Class of 1992, Bisaha
Patricia Bowler
Stanley Clarkson, Class of 1990
Kerry (Weber), Class of 2002, and Andrew Deming
Terry & Patricia Dwyer
Barbara Eckhart
Leona Egner
Katie (Lam), Class of 1994, and Neil Fitzpatrick
Richard Gatto
Thomas and Donna Giampaolo
Dona Gmurek
Frederick and JoAnn Hickman
Cynthia (Vogt) Hobgood, Class of 1966
Joseph and Rita Kalb, ES Class of 1937
Kristine Weber Kirschner Jones, Class of 1998
Janine Ladzinski
  In Memory of Monica Kosiba, Class of 1973
Corinne Metger Lam, Class of 1973 and Tom Lam
Eugene Langellotto
Denise LeBrun
Gregory Matysek, Class of 1998
Fran Maurer
Pamela (Morris), Class of 1965 and Anthony Naporano
Patricia (Mooney) Oldakowski, Class of 1964
Frank Olga
Dave, Class of 1975 and Barbara Sauthoff
Kathleen Watson Seely, Class of 1964 and Jack Seely
Lisetta Sprinkel, ES Class of 1957
Kristi (Kinard), Class of 1993, and Eric Stacharowski, ES Class of 1989
Herman Strott, Class of 1963
Virginia and Gerald Urie
Charles and Cristol Wagner

Cougar Club ($10-$49)

Mary Albright
Tony and Pat Altiere
Gabor and Domenica Banai
Rose Ann (Concordia) Beall, Class of 1976
John and Mary Bennett
Angela Bentzley
Tom & Linda Cole
Jen (Russo) Conner, Class of 2005
Gene and Betty Foulke
Nicholas Frisone, Class of 2007
Robert and Pauline Gallagher
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Gibson
Christopher Giordano, Class of 1979
Daniel Gittings, Class of 1996
Eugene and Shirley Goles
Loretta Griffith, ES Class of 1950
Gurski Family
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Heid
Mike and Mary Ann Hart
Jerry and Trudy Heid
Carla (Rossi), Class of 1986 and Eric Horton
Evelyn Jones
Ronald Koelbel, Class of 1997
Michael Korczynski, ES Class of 1959
Francis Kovalick
Kenneth and Geri Mattson, ES Class of 1972
Marian Mazan, ES Clas sof 1942
Karen (Lucian) Miceli-Baeuerle, Class of 1969
Monte and Connie Monteclaro
Sr. Elizabeth Novak
Vickie and John O'Brien
Dorothy (Geckle) Ogle, ES Class of 1947
Agnes Schenning Oldewurtel
Donna (Novak) Parr, Class of 1977
Anna Renault, ES Class of 1964
Conrad and Helen Ritter
Sharon (Vojik) Robust, Class of 1970
Catherine and Walter Rybank, Class of 1978
Sue Ellen (McSwiggin), Class of 1963 and Joseph Smith
Patricia Snyder
Dorothy Suehle
Wayne and Carol Terry
Sr. Margaret Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson
Janice Tourangeau, Class of 1970
Ellen VanDaniker
Rita Vestal. ES Class of 1942
Anne (Rasmussen) Wagner, Class of 1968
Rosemary Warnock
Bernard Wesolowski, Class of 1988
John and Helen Whalen
Matthew Wheeler, ES Class of 2008
Erica Wheeler,  ES Class of 2010
Diane Wieman
Melody (Brukiewa) Wright, Class of 1991
Sharon (Dugent) Youmans, Class of 1967
Lisa (Ziomek) Zepp, Class of 1979
Geraldine and Raymond Znamirowski