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Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Lawrence S. Callahan President
Paul J. Ayd Controller 410.238.1189
Christopher Ashby Upper School Principal 410.238.1175
Christine Olszewski '93 Lower School Principal 410.238.1151
Yedda Long Early Learning & Childcare Program Director 410.238.1167
Michael Naunton Upper School Assistant Principal, Special Assistant to the President for Capital Projects & Facilities 410.238.1176
Ryan Kloetzer K-8 Assistant Principal, Fourth and Fifth Grade Mathematics and Reading 410.686.0859
Chrissy Hedglin Director of Development  410.238.1164
Abigail O'Donnell Director of Admissions  410.238.1172
Karen Weber Finance Manager 410.238.1160
Alex Brylske '09 Athletic Director, Director of Alumni Relations 443.286.9471

Admissions and Development

Chrissy HedglinDirector of Developmentchedglin@olmcmd.org410.238.1164
Alex Brylske '09Athletic Director, Director of Alumni Relationsabrylske@olmcmd.org443.286.9471
Abigail O'DonnellDirector of 410.238.1172
Aidan CallahanAdministrative Assistant, Director of Digital Marketingacallahan@olmcmd.org410.238.1163

Upper School

Christopher Ashby Upper School Principal 410.238.1175
Michael Naunton Upper School Assistant Principal, Special Assistant to the President for Capital Projects & Facilities 410.238.1176
Ryan Kloetzer K-8 Assistant Principal,
Fourth and Fifth Grade Mathematics and Reading 410.686.0859
Andrew Adams Technology 410.686.1023
Rachael Ball Dance 410.686.1023
Dr. Jeff Bunn
Business, Fine Arts
Laura Cummins Administrative Assistant
Jon Cupp
Science, Theology, Assistant Athletic Director 410.686.1023
Kathryn Deaver English 410.686.1023
Karl Dotterweich '98
Social Studies
Heather Ganzzermiller
Foreign Language
Nicole Gartrell
Science Department Chair, Mathematics
Sandy Ginn Theology, Theology Department Chair for Middle and High School 410.686.1023
Daryl Jackson
Administration, Science
Kathleen Khoury Fine Arts 410.686.1023
Rachel Korczynski Sports Medicine, Athletics 410.686.1023
Jennifer Leynes Foreign Language
Barbara Lukehart Social Studies Department Chair 410.686.1023
Griselda Martinez Mathematics gmartinez@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Christopher Martini Mathematics
Amanda McCulloch Science 410.686.1023
Samantha Mielke Theology 410.686.1023
Barbara Petr English Department Chair 410.686.1023
Trevor Quinn STAR Program Coordinator 410.686.1023
Connelly Ruggiero Social Studies 410.686.1023
Drevonn Salley Physical Education 410.686.1023
Cierra Truss English 410.686.1023
Angela Vilone English
Emily Welbourn '11 Director of Guidance 410.686.1023
Cathy Wiley Mathematics 410.686.1023

Lower School

Christine Olszewski '93 Lower School Principal 410.686.0859
Ryan Kloetzer Lower School Assistant Principal, Middle School Coordinator, Fourth-oEighth Grade Mathematics 410.686.0859
Andrew Adams Technology 410.686.0859
Sandy Montalvo PreK 4
Mary Antonas PreK 4 Assistant 410.686.0859
Vicki Alkins First Grade 410.686.0859
Rachael Ball Creative Movement and After School 410.686.0859
Dr. Jeff Bunn Music
Toni Borkowicz
Administrative Assistant
Donna Gmurek
Third Grade
Brenda Hackley Resource 410.686.0859
Jessica Howard  Pre-Kindergarten 410.686.0859
Corinne McCormick Second Grade 410.686.0859
Katie McTigue First Grade 410.686.0859
Kelly Medvigy
Fifth Grade 410.686.0859
Amy Murphy Health Coordinator 410.686.0859
Stanford Murray Kindergarten 410.686.0859  
Patricia O'Drudy Kindergarten - Fifth Grade Art 410.686.0859
Lisa Rapanotti
Fourth Grade 410.686.0859
Drevonn Salley Physical Education 410.686.0859
Lucy Steck Kindergarten Assistant 410.686.0859

Early Learning & Childcare Center

Yedda Long Early Learning & Childcare Program Director 410.238.1167
Angela Barnes Lead Teacher PreK 3 410.238.1173
Brionna Bea Teacher's Aide 410.238.1173
Beth Broznowicz Teacher's Aide 410.238.1173
Emily Cushing Teacher's Aide 410.238.1173
Jenna DiVenanzio Teacher's Aide 410.238.1173
Patty DiVenanzio
Administrative Assistant, VIRTUS Screening Coordinator 410.238.1173
Brittany Emery '09
Lead Teacher PreK 3
Allee Lawrence Lead Teacher PreK 2 410.238.1173
Jeneal Linton
Lead Teacher PreK 3
Keira Mayers '11 Teacher's Aide 410.238.1173
Gerry Olkowski
Teacher's Aide
Diane Sauer
Teacher's Aide
Rita Weber Lead Teacher PreK 3


Alex Brylske '09 Athletic Director, Director of Alumni Relations 443.286.9471
Drevonn Salley Assistant Athletic Director, Boys' Middle School Basketball 410.238.1164 
Rachel Korczynski Athletic Trainer 410.238.1164  
Sam Borozzi Boys' Middle School Soccer 410.238.1164  
Jon Cupp Varsity Golf,
Middle School Cheerleading 410.238.1164
Haswell Franklin Men's Varsity Lacrosse 410.238.1164
Emily Gartrell
Women's Varsity Lacrosse
Nicole Gartrell
Women's Varsity Volleyball
Elizabeth Hipple Varsity Softball 410.238.1164
Daryl Jackson
Varsity Football 410.238.1164
Chuck Jones Middle School Wrestling 410.238.1164
Kathleen Khoury Girls Middle School Basketball, Middle School Softball 410.238.1164
Scott Kus Women's Varsity Soccer, Women's Indoor Soccer 410.238.1164
Rob Long Women's Varsity Basketball 410.238.1164
Todd McDaniel Boys Middle School Lacrosse 410.238.1164
Michael Naunton Varsity Baseball 410.238.1164
Abby O'Donnell Girls Middle School Lacrosse 410.238.1164
Morgan Puller Girls Middle School Volleyball 410.238.1164
Trevor Quinn Men's Varsity Basketball 410.238.1164
Jon Schneehagen Men's Varsity Soccer 410.238.1164