Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!

Administration, Admissions, and Development

Lawrence S. Callahan President callahanl@verizon.net
Chrissy Hedglin Director of Development chedglin@olmcmd.org  410.238.1164
Abigail O'Donnell Director of Admissions aodonnell@olmcmd.org  410.238.1172
Karen Weber Finance kweber@olmcmd.org 410.238.1189
Laura Cummins Finance lcummins@olmcmd.org 410.238.1189
Lilia CovaFinancelcova@olmcmd.org 410.238.1189
Alex Brylske '09 Athletic Director, Director of Alumni Relations abrylske@olmcmd.org 443.286.9471

Upper School

Christopher Ashby Upper School Principal cashby@olmcmd.org 410.238.1175
Michael Naunton Upper School Assistant Principal, Special Assistant to the President for Capital Projects & Facilities
mnaunton@olmcmd.org 410.238.1176
Maria Adamski Administrative Assistant madamski@olmcmd.org 410.238.1175
Andrew Adams Technology aadams@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Rachael Ball Dance rball@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Rebecca Breiner Mathematics rbreiner@olmcmd.org
Dr. Jeff Bunn
Business, Music jbunn@olmcmd.org
Jon Cupp
Science, Theology jcupp@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Kathryn Deaver English Language Arts kdeaver@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Karl Dotterweich '98
Social Studies kdotterweich@olmcmd.org
Middle School Spanish  makras@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Nicole Gartrell
Science Department Chair, Mathematics ngartrell@olmcmd.org
Sandra Ginn Theology Department Chair for Middle and High School sginn@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Daryl JacksonStudent Servicesdjackson@olmcmd.org
Kathleen Khoury Fine Arts Department Chair kkhoury@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Rachel Korczynski Sports Medicine, Athletics rkorczynski@olmcmc.org
Jennifer Leynes Foreign Language (Spanish) Department Chair jleynes@olmcmd.org
Barbara Lukehart Social Studies Department Chair blukehart@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Amanda McCulloch
Patty Medina Physical Education  pmedina@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Adriana MendozaMathematics Department Chairamendoza@olmcmd.org
Megan MoxleyEnglish Language Artsmmoxley@olmcmd.org
Christine Olszewski '93Director of Student Support Servicescolszewski@olmcmd.org
Barbara Petr English Language Arts Department Chair bpetr@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Trevor Quinn Student Services tquinn@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Connelly Ruggiero Social Studies cmagin@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Cierra Truss English Language Arts ctruss@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Samantha Weitzel Theology smielke@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023

Lower School

Ryan Kloetzer Lower & Middle School Principal
rkloetzer@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Donna Gmurek Lower & Middle School Coordinator  dgmurek@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Andrew Adams Technology aadams@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Vicki Alkins Pre-K 4 Assistantvalkins@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Rachael Ball Creative Movement and After School Dancerball@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Dr. Jeff Bunn Music jbunn@olmcmd.org
Toni Borkowicz
Administrative Assistant tborkowicz@olmcmd.org
Corinne Colliflower Second Grade ccolliflower@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Third Grade sznamirowski@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Brenda Stec Resource bstec@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Patty Medina Physical Education pmedina@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Kelly Medvigy
Fifth Grade kmedvigy@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Sandy Montalvo  Pre-K 4 smontalvo@olmcmd.org  410.686.0859
Amy Murphy Health Coordinator amurphy@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Stanford Murray Kindergarten smurray@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859  
Patricia O'Drudy K-5 Art podrudy@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Lisa Rapanotti
Fourth Grade lrapanotti@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Kindergarten Assistant brobertson@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Kate Wysocki First Gradekemwysocki@olmcmd.org

Early Learning & Childcare Center

Yedda Long Early Learning & Childcare Program Director ylong@olmcmd.org 410.238.1167
Angela Barnes Lead Teacher PreK 3 abarnes@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Beth Broznowicz Teacher's Aide bbroznowicz@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Jenna DiVenanzio Teacher's Aide jdivenanzio@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Brittany Emery '09
Lead Teacher PreK 3 bemery@olmcmd.org
Allee Lawrence Lead Teacher PreK 2 alawrence@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Jeneal Linton
Lead Teacher PreK 3 jlinton@olmcmd.org
Keira Mayers '11 Teacher's Aide kmayers@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Rita Weber Lead Teacher PreK 3 rweber@olmcmd.org


Alex Brylske '09 Athletic Director, Director of Alumni Relations abrylske@olmcmd.org 443.286.9471
Rachel Korczynski Athletic Trainer
rkorczynski@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Sam Borozzi Boys' Middle School Soccer dsalley@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Jon Cupp Varsity Golf,
Middle School Cheerleading
jcupp@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Haswell Franklin Men's Varsity Lacrosse hfranklin@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Emily Gartrell
Women's Varsity Lacrosse egartrell@olmcmd.org
Nicole Gartrell
Women's Varsity Volleyball ngartrell@olmcmd.org
Elizabeth Hipple Varsity Softball ehipple@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Daryl Jackson
Varsity Football
djackson@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Chuck Jones Middle School Wrestling cjones@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Kathleen Khoury Girls Middle School Basketball, Middle School Softball kkhoury@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Scott Kus Women's Varsity Soccer, Women's Indoor Soccer skus@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Rob Long Women's Varsity Basketball rlong@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Todd McDaniel Boys Middle School Lacrosse tmcdaniel@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Michael Naunton Varsity Baseball mnaunton@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Abby O'Donnell Girls Middle School Lacrosse aodonnell@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Morgan Puller Girls Middle School Volleyball mpuller@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Trevor Quinn Men's Varsity Basketball tquinn@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Jon Schneehagen Men's Varsity Soccer jschneehagen@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163