Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!

Administration, Admissions, and Development

Lawrence S. Callahan President callahanl@verizon.net
Chrissy Hedglin Chief of Staff chedglin@olmcmd.org 410.238.1164
Dawn Oshman Administrative Support doshman@olmcmd.org 410.238.1163
Abigail Rutherford Director of Admissions arutherford@olmcmd.org 410.238.1172
Christina McCaul Director of Advancement cmccaul@olmcmd.org 410.238.1189
Alex Brylske  Director of Alumni Relations abrylske@olmcmd.org  410.238.1166
Lilia Cova Finance
lcova@olmcmd.org 410.238.2702
Laura Cummins

Upper School

Kevin Iacoboni Upper School Principal kiacoboni@olmcmd.org410-238-1183
Michael Naunton Upper School Assistant Principal, Special Assistant to the President for Capital Projects
mnaunton@olmcmd.org 410.238.1176
Daryl Jackson Dean of Discipline  djackson@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Maria Adamski Administrative Assistant madamski@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Andrew Adams Technology aadams@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Rachael Ball Creative Movement and After School Dance rball@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Brannan Durbin English and Theology bdurbin@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Nicole Gartrell
Science Department Chair, Mathematics ngartrell@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Sandra GinnTheology Department Chair sginn@olmcmd.org
Emily Johnson Art  ejohnson@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Jane McCaul English Language Arts Department Chair jmccaul@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023
Amanda McCulloch Science amcculloch@olmcmd.org
Adriana MendozaMathematics Department Chairamendoza@olmcmd.org
Christine Olszewski' 93Director of Student Support Servicescolszewski@olmcmd.org
Mike ReebEnglish and Theology mreeb@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Blair SandersHistory & Sociology bsanders@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Amanda TaylorMathataylor@olmcmd.org410.686.1023
Iveth AnayaSpanishianaya@olmcmd.org
Daniele Perez Spanish dperez@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Trevor QuinnStudent Servicestquinn@olmcmd.org
Trevor Walker Physical Education twalker@olmcmd.org  410.686.1023
Ruthie Long Music for Lower, Middle, and Upper rlong2@olmcmd.org  410.686.1023
Billy KuchmasMaintenance
Bill ConnMaintenance

Lower School

Ryan Kloetzer Lower & Middle School Principal
rkloetzer@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Jennifer Leynes Lower & Middle School Assistant Principal  jleynes@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Toni  Borkowicz Administrative Assistant tborkowicz@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Amy MurphyNurse amurphy@olmcmd.org
Brenda Stec Lower & Middle School
Vicki Alkins Pre-K 4 Teachervalkins@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Brittany Emery Pre-K 4 Teacher bemery@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Mandy Snodgrass
Pre-K 4 Instructional Assistant msnodgrass@olmcmd.org
Standford Murray Kindergarten Teacher smurray@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Ayana Brim Kindergarten Instructional Assistant abrim@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Rachel Meek First Grader Teacher rmeek@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Nichol Fuentes  Second Grade Teacher nfuentes@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Samantha Znamirowski
Third Grade Teacher sznamirowski@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Lisa Rapanotti Fourth Grade Teacher lrapanotti@olmcmd.org  410.686.0859
Kelly Medvigy Fifth Grade Teacher kmedvigy@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Patricia O'Drudy Lower & Middle  School  Art Teacher podrudy@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Andrew Adams
K-12 Technology aadams@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Trevor Walker   Physical Education  twalker@olmcmd.org  410.686.1023
Rachel Ball Creative Movement and After School Dancerball@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Ruthie Long   Music for Lower, Middle, and Upperrlong2@olmcmd.org  410.686.1023
Lisa Pniewski Lower School Instructional Assistantlpniewski@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Holly Paape Lower - Middle School Instructional Assistanthpaape@olmcmd.org410.686.0859

Middle School

Jon CuppSciencejcupp@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Jessica MayhewSocial Studiesjmayhew@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Mollie GreenMathmgreen@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Megan MoxleyEnglish Language Artsmmoxley@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Cierra WaterfallEnglish Language Artscwaterfall@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Sam Weitzel '13Religionsweitzel@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Daniele PerezSpanishdperez@olmcmd.org410.686.0859
Patricia O'Drudy Lower & Middle  School  Art Teacher podrudy@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Andrew Adams K-12 Technology aadams@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Rachel Ball Creative Movement and After School Dance rball@olmcmd.org 410.686.0859
Trevor Walker   Physical Education  twalker@olmcmd.org  410.686.1023
Ruthie Long  Music for Lower, Middle, and Upperrlong2@olmcmd.org 410.686.1023

Early Learning & Childcare Center

Yedda Long Early Learning & Childcare Program Director ylong@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Angela Barnes Lead Teacher PreK 3 abarnes@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Brianna Robertson
Lead Teacher PreK 3 brobertson@olmcmd.org 410.238.1173
Rita Weber Lead Teacher PreK 3 rweber@olmcmd.org410.238.1173
Brittany Leyhe Early Learning Center Teacher  bleyhe@olmcmd.org410.238.1173
Debra Robertson Early Learning Center Assistant  droberston@olmcmd.org410.238.1173



Jesse Thomas Athletic Director jthomas@olmcmd.org
Trevor WalkerAssistant Athletic Director, Physical Education Instructor twalker@olmcmd.org

Fall Sports

Dave Alkins Girls' Middle School Soccer
Sam BorazziBoys' Middle School Soccer
Courtney BridgetMen's Football
Dale JonesWomen's Volleyball
Jon SchneehagenMen's Soccer
Gabby EncarnacionWomen's Soccer

Winter Sports

Trevor QuinnMen's Basketball
Rob Long        Women's Basketball
Dominic CampbellWrestling 
Leigh Knight Cheerleading 
Middle School Boys' Basketball 
Middle School Girls' Basketball 
Wes ClarkeMiddle School Wrestling
John Cupp and Molly GreenMiddle School Cheerleading

Spring Sports

Michael Naunton Baseball
Rob LongSoftball
Haswell FranklinMen's Lacrosse
Abigail Rutherford Women's Lacrosse
Jon CuppGolf 
Trevor Walker and Christina McCaulOutdoor Track and Field