Spiritual Life at Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Believing that the faith and spiritual development of young people is of the utmost importance, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School provides an extensive Campus Ministry program which invites the participation of all members of our school community. Campus Ministry includes retreats, Masses, prayer services, servant leadership training and service opportunities for all members of the school community.

Spiritual life at OLMC focuses on supporting young men and women as they become effective decision makers who base their actions on Gospel values and Catholic teachings. Campus Ministry has a philosophy of inclusiveness and all members of the school community are invited to participate. Through participation in service opportunities, retreats and liturgical celebrations all students are able to gain a greater sense of faith in God and each other.

Students develop an awareness of the needs of those in the community and learn to become a person of service based on the Gospel. Students can volunteer or be invited to become part of the Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) beginning as early as the second quarter of their freshman year. This group delves more deeply into their “call” to leadership. Students are trained as peer ministers, learn to plan prayer services and liturgies, develop and implement service and fundraising experiences and connect with parish youth ministry activities.

Spiritual Life focuses on the following areas of development: