Clubs & Activities

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for our students to actively participate in during the school year. Each and every member of our wonderful faculty here on staff is involved in the creation and moderation of the clubs the students participate in. Even if we do not currently offer a specific club, with a little initiative and enough interest, any student can begin their own club with the help of a faculty moderator. The clubs do tend to change from year to year, even semester to semester, in order to keep up with the interests of the students.

Clubs are offered every two weeks on a rotating basis within the school schedule, with one hundred percent of Mount Carmel students participating in each one of these groups.

Art Rosary Senior Life
Games Personal Fitness Respect Life
Sports Environmental Puzzling Challenges
Yoga Golf Nurses
Sports Medicine Anime & Comics Sign Language
Book & Donut That 90's Culinary Arts
Servant Leadership Crafty Cougars Fantasy Sports
Chess DIY Club K-9

Carmelite Yearbook
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School publishes each year a High School Yearbook called the Carmelight! This opportunity is student-run and provides learned skills when it comes to responsibility such as layouts, photography, captions, file-organization, and other phases of pre and post production.