Welcome to the Development Office!

The Development Office at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is the center of the school’s development, marketing, public relations, fundraising, and alumni support work. Since the greater Mount Carmel community reaches all fifty states and beyond, we strive to keep in touch with former students as well as individuals and businesses in our area. We welcome the members of our extended community to keep us informed of their life events, and in turn, hope that all Mount Carmel friends, parents, students, and alumni participate as fully as possible in the events that keep our community vibrant and alive.

In this section of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel School website, you will find information about fundraisers such as the Festival, the Annual Bull Roast, golf tournaments as well as our very important Annual Fund. There is also information about class reunions and alumni activities as well as opportunities to volunteer. Reaching out through both information and events are ways that our office raises awareness of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

For almost ninety years, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has focused on the value of each student and the creation of an academically excellent school within our small, familial community. Our goal is to continue to grow as an institution while maintaining our dedication to our mission. We are dedicated to being a “community invigorated by faith, infused with knowledge, and inspired to serve.”

Our alumni and friends are invited to visit our campus and remind themselves of the importance of their continued support and participation which is so crucial to the success of our school. We are always delighted to hear from those who wish to get involved! Please contact us at the Development Office at 410-238-1164 to find out how you can work with us to insure a bright future for Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

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