2021- 2022 Back to School Letter

Dear Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! As we begin this new year, the safety and health of our students  is at the forefront of our mission. We have partnered with a new cleaning team and  will be implementing the use of Vytis Shield Surface Coatings, a cleaner that disinfectants and reduces the spread of bacteria on surfaces such as floors, desks, and tables. We will also maintain a diligent watch on guidelines and recommendations as they are released throughout the year to ensure our students are able to learn, work, and grow as safely as possible. 

Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen numerous Catholic schools across our country make the difficult decision to close their doors. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, however, was not met with that circumstance and I strongly believe that is because of the fortitude of the community we have fostered in this school. So to our community—our teachers, our administrators,  and our staff, our students and our families, our volunteers, our board, and our donors, thank you for your committed support, enthusiasm, and unwavering faith. I recognize the often unseen ways in which so many of you have helped our school not only survive the past year and a half, but flourish.  We have many ongoing  projects that will be enjoyed by our students this upcoming year. Our Health and Wellness center is in the final stages of completion, the new Athletic training room has been completed, the Dance Room floors have been refinished, and old furniture in the high school classrooms has been replaced. We are also excited that our students will be able to work in the  STEM lab for the first time since its completion!

Of course, with the pandemic, we have no crystal ball to look into the future but we will walk the pathways of life with confidence. This much, however, is certain - Our Lady of Mount Carmel School will always provide its students with solid straightforward instruction in the faith guiding students toward lives of love and service. We will always represent high standards of academic achievement, and will always serve students of many cultural, ethnic, social, and family backgrounds. 
In closing,  I share with you my excitement for the upcoming school year.  I ask you to pray for the work we are about to do and for the continued success of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

With all best wishes,

Lawrence S. Callahan