Art, Dance, Music Courses

Art Program

Introduction to Materials & Techniques

Learn the basic elements and principles of art

Art Appreciation

Introduction to art criticism and explore the various mediums as the artist would

Arts & Crafts

Create a variety of crafts projects

Introduction to Drawing & Design

Focus is on drawing techniques and strengthening composition

The Third Dimension

Learn problem-solving skills in sculptural application

Graphic Arts

Focus is on using the technology lab for graphic design


Learn the basics of film and digital photography and work in the darkroom

Studio II: The Art Major

Build a portfolio for art school

Independent study

Students who have taken 2 or more art classes work with the art teacher to develop individual projects

Art History I & II

Semester classes can fulfill either a fine arts or social studies credit through the study of Art history

Dance Program

Students may elect to take dance to fulfill either a physical education or fine arts credit

Introduction to Dance

Dance Technique II

Dance Technique III

Music Program

Liturgical Music/Chorus

Prepares students to lead songs in masses and performs at school concerts

Music Survey

Foundations of music history and technique

Music Theory I & II

Fundamentals of music theory; geared toward students wishing to major in music in college

Band and String

Lessons offered to high school students at no additional cost