Athletics Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Athletics Hall of Fame will, recognize, honor, and carry on the memory of those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School athletic program.

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NameClass YearYear InductedSports
Brandon Baylor20072016Basketball
Jessica Celmer20072016Soccer, Lacrosse
Rummell King20082016Basketball
Stephon Dingle20082014Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball
Brianna Grap20072013Volleyball, Basketball
Kelly Wojciechowski
20052011Basketball, Lacrosse
Mike Fowler19842011Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Matt Fowler19842011Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
John Miller19852010Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Brittany King20042010Soccer, Basketball, Softball
Eric Augustine20002010Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Frank TumaCoach2009
Sarah Dayberry20012009Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Gus Smith Baseball Coach2008Baseball
Susan Sipes19962008Soccer, Basketball, Tennis
Jeff Simmons19772008Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Renata Mihovilic20012008Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Chris Daniloski20022008Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Bob AupperlyAthletic Director, Soccer Coach2008Soccer
Kerry Weber20022007Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Lacrosse
Nannette Roth19802007Soccer, Basketball, Softball
Erin Reed19952007Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis
Spike McElfish19882007Basketball, Baseball
Debra HanleyCoach2007Volleyball
Kim Gurski19982007Soccer
Evan Williams20012007Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Andrew Ganzzermiller20012007Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Kevin Donohue19882007Soccer, Basketball, Baseball