Honors Societies

National Honors Society

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is proud to be a member institution of the National Honors Society, the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just making the honor roll, N.H.S. serves to recognize those who have demonstrated excellence in the ares of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

Spanish Honors Society

Named after Pope Francis, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School formed the Papa Francisco Chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honors Society). This new chapter was instituded on campus during the 2016-2017 academic year, and hit the ground running with an inductee class of 17 students from the high school. The mission of this society is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and promote interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies. In 2017 alone, our members raised over $1,500 and donated over $700 to different projects and organizations.