Student Services

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, the health and wellness of every student are taken very seriously. Through partnerships with the school, and through our various initiatives students are able to seek help and support for any issue medically, socially, or spiritually. 

School Nurse - The school nurse is available to all students throughout the course to the school day to assist with their medical needs. As part of our commitment to the health and wellness of all of our students the school nurse educates our students on proper health initiatives in the classroom, bathroom, and how to help prevent the spreading of germs and infections on campus.

School Counselor - In the lower school our school counselor works with and assists our students, families, and teachers to provide a welcoming and caring environment. Our counselor helps to address the social and emotional needs of our students by addressing topics such as friendship skills, conflict management, respect, and understanding. In addition to one on one support our school counselor also offers small group sessions to students on an as-needed basis. 

In High School, our counselors provide support to students and families in a variety of ways. As students enter their Junior and Senior years our counselors guide them through the College Application process. The college application process should be an exciting one, and at times challenging. The college counseling team at Our Lady of Mount Carmel works with our students and parents to help navigate the college process, and build plans towards the future. Our counselors work with students in the classroom, through individual meetings, and at various college fairs and events throughout the school year. 

Before and After School Care Program - At Our Lady of Mount Carmel we offer an extended day program that is open to all families with students in grades K-8. This helps families who may need to drop their students off early, or pick them up after the 3:00pm dismissal time. To learn more please visit our Before & After School Programs Page.