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Annual Appeal for the School

Your Annual Fund Investment Today Ensures Tomorrow for Our School

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Why does Our Lady of Mount Carmel need an Annual Fund?

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School strives to keep tuition affordable for all families who desire a personal, Catholic education. It is the most important ongoing fundraising program at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The fund is an insurance that the school will continue to provide a quality education on a personal level to our students.

How does Our Lady of Mount Carmel School use the contributions?

Annual Fund contributions are used for financial aid and scholarships to families who qualify. In addition, Our Lady of Mount Carmel relies on the Annual Fund to cover the tuition gap,the difference between the cost to educate students and the amount of tuition. Faculty salaries, maintenance, renovations and academic programs are included in the cost to educate our children.

Why invest in Our Lady of Mount Carmel School?

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is a unique community. We are one of the select few of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore that can boast the ability to serve children from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. You are part of our history and we need you to be a part of our future. You, our alumni, parents, and friends are our most important benefactors.

What should I contribute?

We offer for your consideration, six gift clubs. Please choose the club that best fits your financial commitments. What you give is greatly appreciated...the most important thing is that you do give! No gift is insignificant.


Many companies have a Matching Gifts Program. Please see your employers personnel or Community Relations Department for instructions on matching your gift.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Giving Levels

Bishop Rozanski Society Gifts of $1000+

Monsignor Luca Society Gifts of $500-$999

Franciscan Guild Gifts of $200-$499

Principals' Club Gifts of $100-$199

Blue & Gold Club Gifts of $50-$99

Cougar Club Gifts of $10-$49

All gifts are tax-deductible and appropriate documentation will be provided upon receipt of gift.

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Annual Appeal 2023