Technology courses are essential to every Catholic school curriculum. In fact, technology is required to be integrated throughout each course of study from Mathematics to Religion. The use of technology in the 21st century is integral to preparing students for college and career success. Technology courses in Catholic schools cover a variety of lessons including Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Communication, and Collaboration. All of these units are taught and influenced by the lens of Catholic identity and the dignity of all humankind.

Technology in the classroom

Chromebook Initiative
New for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, a grant will provide in-class Chromebooks to students in grades 5-8 and take-home Chromebooks to students in grade 9-12. This initiative will bring us closer to our goal of becoming a 21st Century school and will allow students to communicate effectively, improve their technological skills, and achieve their goals as they transition into high school and college. The influx of new hardware will permit over 200 current devices to be readily available to students below grade 5, ensuring that each student on campus will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge through technology. 

Tablet Program
Through a beneficial partnership with Verizon Wireless, our students and teachers are provided with Samsung tablets for use in the classrooms. Teachers use these tablets on a daily basis, through the use of applications and the internet, to teach in new and interesting ways. This partnership allows the use of two hundred and fifty Verizon tablets on campus, allowing students from Pre-K through high school the opportunity to learn through multiple learning exercises and activities, testing and exciting every young mind. 

SMART Boards
To further integrate technology in our classrooms, Our Lady of Mount Carmel has installed SMART Boards and Tables in the Upper and Lower Schools as well as the Early Learning Program classrooms. These provide hands on, interactive learning that stimulates the classroom and allows instruction to continue in a fun and exciting way.